NEW BOOK: NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY: Adventures From A Missionary Road Less Traveled

If you've ever wondered what a life led by the Holy Spirit looks like, you'll want to get a copy of Charlynne's latest book,"NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY:  Adventures From A Missionary Road Less Traveled."  In her latest literary offering, Charlynne records the miraculous happenings on her travels in six different countries.  It is a taste of life in the Spirit for one 21st Century missionary and all the characters she's encountered throughout 30+ years of ministry.


Here's what one ministry leader has to say about this new book: "Two words missing in the Hebrew language reveal much about the people of the Book: 'coincidence' and 'retirement'.  For Charlynne Boddie the missing words in her vocabulary are 'impossible' and 'ordinary'.  Her life is an adventure, an adventure in God.  NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY is an uplifting and engaging challenge to the ordinary and impossible, capturing snippets of real-life adventures that define the way Charlynne lives her life.  There are no strangers in Charlynne's world.  With almost no arena off-limits, her amazing testimonies---ranging from Hollywood junkets to working in the White House to encounters with angels to praying with Orthodox rabbis to healing the sick on trains---are each predicated on her vibrant responses to hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord.  Laced with practical wisdom on how the dynamic of a prophetic life is really ordinary for those willing to be obedient, these are pages that will inspire and give wisdom to the young and old, along with all who are reaching for more of God."


Morris Ruddick, Founder
Global Initiatives Foundation,
Denver, Colorado USA


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Please send your cheque or money order in British Pounds Sterling to :
Charlynne Boddie Ministries
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TRUE GRID: Discovering God's Custom-Designed Blueprint For You

"True Grid is a great hands-on resource. Char breaks it down and leaves no room for excuses. This invaluable resource will help you get your hands around whatever has kept you from fulfilling God's vision for your life."---Lisa Bevere, Author/Speaker, Messenger International, Monument, CO USA


"So much inspiration and insight in such a small book! Each time I read it, I find something new to explore within myself."---Greg Moody, CBS-TV Denver, CO USA


"Dare to dream again! True Grid is a wake up call that gives practical applications of how to ensure the fulfilment of our X-treme God-ordained dreams."---Jill Mitchell O'Brien, Evangelist/Speaker, Kingdom Connections International, Houston, TX USA


COST: £10.00 UK OR $15.00 US

Charlynne's CD Messages

UK Spiritual Warfare Conference---Charlynne shares testimonies of spiritual warfare from her own life experiences.


The 5 Ws of the Holy Spirit---Charlynne shares about the Who, What, When Why and Where of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Living in the Higher Realm---Charlynne gives a series of testimonies and teaching about what it is like to live in the supernatural realm of the Spirit, where the impossible is possible in our everyday lives.  The testimonies are laced with the Word of God.


Charlynne's Testimony---Find out how Charlynne became who she is in the Lord today.  Discover how God made her victorious inspite of some harrowing life experiences.


Spirit-led Life---Charlynne shares what believers can expect when they choose to hear and obey the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle.  She walks believers through some exciting real-life adventures from her own life that give evidence of what living this lifestyle is all about.


The Secret Place---Discover what God is speaking about in Psalm 91 verse 1 and how you can go to that supernatural 'secret place' wherever you are.


Divine Delays---Ever wonder why some of the answers to our prayers are delayed?  Charlynne offers encouragement and shares what God revealed to her during some of her own divine delays in life.


Rehab:Hidden Pearl of Jericho---Charlynne does a detailed character study of the Biblical heroine Rahab.  She shares how God can take any past and turn it into a pearl that He can use for His glory and the benefit of all.


The Gift You Carry---Do you believe that you are gifted?  Charlynne unwraps the concept of spiritual giftedness and encourages the believer to walk in the authority of what has already been given them.


The Glory of His Presence---Do you want to live in the miraculous?  Find out what happens when we are the carriers of God's Presence.  Charlynne testifies of what being a carrier of God's Presence looks like in everyday life.


Fabulous Favour---Is favour just for certain people or everyone?  Charlynne shares with believers what God's promises about favour and how to live in that lifestyle of favour spoken of in God's Word.


God's Glory Shines On Us---How can we reflect the light of Jesus?  Charlynne shares what the Word tells believers about our inheritance in God's glory and what to expect when we decide to reflect His light to the world around us.


Called and Committed (2-Part CD Set)----Has God called you to a specific ministry:  Charlynne shares what God's picture of servant leadership entails in this CD set.


      CD 1---Charlynne explains what a calling to minister before the Lord is and how to walk in that calling with excellence.

      CD 2---Charlynne explains what it means to be commissioned into service for the Lord and what believers need to know about commitment to a calling. 


Cost:  £5.00 or $5.00 US