We have been blessed by the many testimonies we receive from those of you attending our seminars and events and we decided to give God the glory by putting your feedback onto our website. Please enjoy and write in if you have a testimony.




Hi Charlynne,
One day I was  looking for some missionary stories in our local library (I live in Littleton, CO) and your book came up in my search. 
It has been by far one of the most inspirational and faith-building books I've read in a long time--I couldn't put it down many nights!
I hope you are writing a sequel to share your more recent divine appointments. . .
Lynn Christensen

BOOK: - No Appointments Necessary by Rev. Charlynne Boddie

To Charlynne Boddie

I want to thank you for a very encouraging, inspirational, uplifting, and sharing your awesome testimonies in “No Appointments Necessary.”  First of all, I can’t even remember the last time I have read a book from cover-to-cover.  From chapter to chapter, story to story, testimony to testimony I was captivated by how God used you, spoke to you, or blessed you.  The revealing of your heart, passion, and love for God and God’s people is amazing and God has and is doing a marvelous work.

These collections of experiences, encounters, testimonies, and miracles have truly empowered me to live my life without appointments and truly follow God’s leading.  I wrote a note in the back of the book explaining it this way, “Living without appointments, no blinders, to walk in His fullness and what He created me for.  I truly owe it all to Him, so I can surrender it all” 

You have been a perfect example, and I thank you for allowing God to use you.

I look forward to your next work as well as previous publications. 

 Continue to walk in and into His calling. 

God Bless

Louis Dixon

Retired Police Sergeant (America)






Hi Charlynne
  I have just recently started reading your book and it's  so encouraging.
just amazing and so good to hear what God has done :)
I came to see you about a year ago when you came to IOW at St Paul's
Just wanted to share with you since I have started reading the book I am thoroughly enjoying this,
I feel  so excited hearing what God has done :)
great news
Such a Wonderful revelation you have shared
thank you








Dear Charlynne,                                   

Among our closest friends, Charlynne Boddie (www.charlynne.com),

ranks high. Not only because of the caliber of her friendship,

but because of who she is in the Lord.


As a single-woman in ministry, she is wise beyond her years.

Her influence within business and government circles distinguishes

her calling as a modern-day Josephina-Danielle.


Her incredible track record includes serving in the

Press Secretary's office of the Clinton Administration in the early



Her exploits in the media, among other venues, include Hollywood,

as well as a role as a columnist. She is an accomplished chef,

having run her own catering business.


The prophetic school she operates in the UK has drawn together

an awesome community of believers (whom we have met) from

diverse segments of the Church who are making incredible waves in the marketplace

of their nation.


This UK YouTube interview on this popular UK radio show

is worth viewing --- and then viewing again.


Charlynne knows how to say a lot with few words ---and do it well.


It's a message for every leader. Enjoy!




With every blessing,


Morris Ruddick
Global Initiatives Foundation






Premier Radio Woman to Woman.          


Dear Charlynne,


Thank you so much for this morning - you were as great as ever!!

The video from this morning has gone live, so feel free to do what ever you like with it



Maria x


Maria Rodrigues

Senior Producer & Presenter - Woman to Woman






Dear Charlynne,                                                          


How can I sum up how the LBS course changed my life? The first word that springs to mind is: COMPLETELY!!

Before I did the course I was searching for more of God from a very hurt & wounded past, I knew I needed something more & something more from God, and at the time I really didn't know what. I was really on the verge of giving up.

Through LBS, I have not only discovered how much God loves me. I have also discovered I have gifts, particularly creative gifts of writing, (particularly poetry that has helped with my emotional healing) and painting. These are things that I always thought I was no good at.

I have found my true identity with Christ & into the bargain I met my spiritual mummy & discovered a whole new family I never had before, especially by being part of the PITS team. People that have encouraged me, believed in me and accepted me faults and all, but more than that have challenged me to move forward and away from my past that was holding me so tightly in bondage.

I now have a closer relationship with God. In fact more than that I actually now feel that I do have a relationship with God and that He does truly love me. I now have more confidence in myself and my own ability to hear from God myself and not rely on others to hear God for me.

This course has really and truly saved my life.

I thank God for the course and Praise Him for the fruit that has come into my life and my family's life as a result of it.


Thank you so much Jackie for your obedience to His call and vision for LBS. May God continue to bless you and use this course to train and equip many more warriors for Jesus and give Satan an even bigger kicking!!


Chrissy Portsmouth




How Led by the Spirit has changed my Life.


2003, not long after completing an Alpha course and giving my life to Christ in a very emotional and public way, I met Charlynne and life as I knew it changed forever.  Would it have changed anyway, having said yes to Jesus?  I don’t know, what I do know is the Lord was on my case and Charlynne and The Led by the Spirit Ministry was to definitely change my life.  Looking back, it was as if I have been fast tracked!

As I said when I first met Charlynne I had just given my life to the Lord, and knew very little of what that now meant to my life. Having gone to church for many years with my family and sat and listened and gone through the motions, I still knew very little of the Word or what it meant to my life.  Well, all that changed and in the blink of an eye I was on the first Led by the Spirit course and suddenly I was fully aware of the Holy Spirirt, the power of the Word, the need to know and understand the Word, to get true revelation of the Word for my life and the courage and boldness to use the Word as the Holy Spirit directed, to live the “Acts” life as community and a whole body working to the glory of God.  To know that the Bible was not just a book that Christians read about Jesus and God but to know it was life and truth and all I needed to live a life of God’s blessing and power, authority and strength, full of joy and hope and love and life eternal, and most of all, fear of the Lord.

I received the Holy Spirit and learned to journal to hear and respond to the Spirits prompting and guidance.  To acknowledge my giftings and Gods will for my life.  The most amazing thing was I thought that this what all Christians knew, felt and lived.  I can honestly say that during that first course I learned more about the Word and the workings of the Holy Spirit and how as Children of Christ, we are called to live than I have learned in the last 10 years attending my church and being mature Christians, and my church is non-denominational and teaches as preaches the word as the Spirit leads.  What an eye opener.  


Thank you.

Sharon O’Connor




Dear Char,                                                                                                


WOW!  How has Led by the Spirit changed or affected my life!!!


To start with it changed my way of life.  I started being thankful for the gifts My Lord God called me to use instead of being fearful in using them. This changed life has affected every part of my life, the freedom it has opened up for me - like a door opened up to me and I entered a higher level in Spiritual revelation! 

Pushing pride far from me and stooping lower has filled me and inspired in me more boldness in speaking whatever comes to me by the Holy Spirit.


The courses of Led by the Spirit explained so much I struggled to understand before.  It offered a place where you sensed others understood you, encouraged you, showed the way in being real with yourself, real with Jesus and with each other.  That it is ok to make mistakes hence freedom /rid of clutter so could hear God's still small voice more clearly. It allowed one to practice in a safe environment.


Now the change in my life has been witnessed by friends and family. 

It has given me freedom of being more obedient to Father God as He whispers His desire of me.

It has increased my willingness to please God more in this new freedom.   Learning more, and continually putting flesh to death.  Therefore allowing God to have His way, desiring to be like Jesus in every part of my being, every part of my life.  The immense desire to touch peoples lives with God's personal word for them because of His love and grace for them and also washing through me daily, gives life new meaning.  


All this because of what I learnt and practiced at the two courses of Led by the Spirit!!!


A HUGE THANK YOU, to Jackie Jacobsen and everyone who helped to put together and also run these wonderful anointed courses.  Equipping and preparing servants like myself to run the race as God intended.


Elaine Portsmouth



Dear Charlynne                                                                   


LBS changed my life!


I took my first LBS course with Charlynne after being released from prison 4 years ago. I am so thankful that I was able to do this course as it gave me the tools I needed to survive! From the first course I realized that God actually created me to be free not only physically by spiritually too. I can now hear Gods voice for myself and it has been my anchor many times. LBS is and will always be my spiritual life ring! I love it so much that I will use it in the future in my steps to become a Christian leader in prison ministry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie Jacobson for her obedience to God for taking the time to write these courses and for sending them across the pond to the UK. My prayer is that this course in years to come is taught on a global scale, I certainly hope this course will be taught in many UK prisons by the end of 2015.


Claire West Sussex



Dear Charlynne                                                               


My husband & I did both of the Led by The Spirit courses three years ago now.

We both found them to be life changing for us.

Many times in the past we have had ‘good ideas’ or ‘thoughts’. Having done this course we realise that a majority of those times we were actually hearing that ‘still small voice’ without being aware of it at the time!

This course tuned us into hearing God’s voice to us.

It has been invaluable to us as we are on a Healing Rooms Team in our town, and only by hearing God’s voice are we able to minister effectively.

The other thing we enjoyed was the homework! That sounds strange I know but it made us sit down together to ruminate on the previous weeks exercises.

Also the practical exercises were excellent at nudging us out of our comfort zone!

Thank you Jackie for your obedience in writing these amazing courses.


Trevor & Bonnie


Bexhill East Sussex






Led by The Spirit Prophetic Workshop

“What has my ‘school’ experience meant to me”

I wouldn’t have missed this year for anything. Things I already knew are now deeper in my life, and I now have more confidence that I do hear that ‘still small voice’, and am bolder in bringing it – aiming to do it with excellence. Learning how to really study God’s word has been thrilling, and I feel so privileged that God has given me this opportunity; I now have a new hunger for Him and His Word. Thank God for the friends, old and new, who I have shared this journey with, it has been fun, challenging, hard work, but exciting and I look forward to what else He has for me.






Dear Charlynne,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating the Led by the Spirit course, here in London. It was and still is a life changing journey for me. You have taught me and demonstrated who I am in Christ and how to listen, hear and act on the word of God, the voice of God and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.


The 10 week course has moved me into a deeper relationship with God, it's more than I can express in words. I received my prayer language during the course, that even as I walk down the streets of London, my time in worship, I just want to pray in the spirit. You and your team are an amazing people of God, you all have opened my heart to a deeper understanding of who God is.


Where do one go to get great teaching like this with such calibre in the UK? I've always been hungry for the word of God, and I thank God that you were obedient and allowed God to direct you across thousands of miles to save me. I can't imaging what my life would have been if I hadn't done the Led by the Spirit course. What i've found so amazing is that I didn't plan to do this course, I only heard vaguely about it the day before. God planned for us to be there, He directed me, you and your team, it was definitely, a divine appointment, I can't take any credit for it. I am asked often at work why am I so happy and peaceful? I know it's because i've met with Jesus in a intimate way. I know who I am, and I know who God is, and my spiritual gifts, and it all developed whilst participating on a 10 week 'Led By the Spirit course, in South London.


You, Lesley and your team have been a blessing in my life, my daughters life and the people that meet me. I've told so many people about the course and I truly believe that everyone should do this course, can you imagine what we all will do and achieve for God.


Once again, thank you so much. I pray that our heavenly father will continue to bless you and your ministry. Have a wonderful time in the states and may God give you all the desires of your heart. May God bless you, and increase you, more and more you and your household.



Have fun with Jesus



East Dulwich,



Dear Char.                                                                       




I feel I must write to you to express my grateful thanks.


I am a wife, a mother of three children ranging from 5-18 years old, I have been attending my church and been saved since Dec 1998, and was baptised at Easter 1999.  I was so on fire for Jesus; it was just the greatest feeling ever. 


I joined the Girls Brigade in our church and became an officer helping on Tuesday night, and assisting in the youth nights on Friday.  Once a year taking children 11-18 to a Christian camp run by the church one week in August.


I started to feel quite dry in my spirit, there seemed to be a lot of work to do and felt that I should be privileged to work in God kingdom, but it all seemed to be about work and serving.  Where was the love of God, where was there time to fellowship, I was getting lost and I looked around and starting to speaking to the other women and it seemed that we all felt the same spiritually very dry.


I heard about your course through a friend and decided to attend.  I really was not sure what to expect but I knew there must be more than what I was getting.  The first night was so exciting and week by week, I was learning more, and feeling as if I was being released from so many wrong thinking, for example the more you worked then God would love you and that there was NO CONDEMATION in Christ Jesus.

One evening I was taught about the audible voice, “oh I thought I had never heard about this”, but the following few days I would have an experience that would change my life forever.


I called my friend and wanted to meet her for lunch, as it was her birthday the next day, she sound “no” that she had no time and that she was on leave the next day.


I put the phone down and carried on a conversation at work by the photocopying machine then I heard an audible voice “go and meet her for lunch” I turned to see who was speaking no one was there.  Lord I thought was that you? I heard it being repeated, I said “you know she does not want me to meet her for lunch and she is off tomorrow so maybe next week”, but I had no rest, so I took my bag and went, when I arrived at my friends desk, she did not look please to see me, but I said I have come to meet you for lunch, she reluctantly came with me. 


We went to the restaurant downstairs.  As we sat opposite each other, and started to eat, we talked about work, and then I heard the voice again audibly it said, “She wants to commit suicide” I dropped my knife and fork and repeated to her what I had heard.  She ran out crying and very upset, she went back upstairs to her work place.  Oh Lord I said “what do I do know”?  He said you are not going to do anything, I will do it, but will use you as my vessel, I immediately felt relieved.  I went back to work.  Then he said, “you will go back and meet her after work, do not tell her you will meet her” and I will give you the words to speak.

I did go back after work and she was still sitting at her desk, I asked if we could go into another room to pray.  She came with me, and started to cry for quite a while and visibly very distraught.  I took her hand and started to pray, and not sure, what happened but an enormous light filled the room. 


She felt as it whatever it was that was holding her was broken.  When I spoke to her after a long while, she said it had been suggested to her that all her problems could go away if she just had a long sleep and she planned this on her birthday the next day.


As I went home on the bus, the Lord said, “You see Natalie, tomorrow would have been too late”.    


I wanted to let you know that although we are not starving in England and it seems to be a wealthy country we are starving for someone like you and others to come and for God to use you as a vessel to release us from the religious spirit and the false doctrines being preached.  When I looked on the website, there is no one in London preaching about the Spirit Led course and we are hungry and desperate for the things of God. 


Yours truly,


Mrs Natalie Wilmot







Dear Char,                                                         Ashburnham,


"The conference was a three-day sequence of different elements, each of which could stand alone; but congratulations to whoever was inspired to run them back to back, because they were completely complementary. Charlynne Boddie delivered the daily courses which combined to make the very best conference I have ever attended. The content was designed from Scripture, illustrated by Scripture and then applied; and Charlynne's delivery was sensitive to God and the individuals in the group. To be fed such a pure theological diet, undiluted by diversions or personality, is a rare conference treat; and I am qualified to say that she is a first class teacher and facilitator, enabling each and everyone to grow in their relationship with God."


Mrs. V. Walsh, Hampshire




I think that what blessed me most about the course was the depth of fellowship, friendship and love that was so quickly built up between us as we practiced prophesying over each other.  As we sat in groups of three speaking God's words over each other, there was an incredible intimacy --- not just with God but also between ourselves.  Such a blessing!  How good it would be if this could become a regular part of our worshipping life together.


Vanessa Church, Walberton, West Sussex




Praise God He has gifted me to be a blessing! The Led By The Spirit Workshops proved I can hear God. I learned the importance of walking in love and humility and obeying the Spirit - not the flesh. I loved going deeper into the Word and being challenged to apply it to my life. Where else can we get this kind of teaching and discipline?


Trish Murphy, Littlehampton, West Sussex




I have learned how to hear God's voice much more clearly and have acquired confidence that I can hear His voice for me personally, and sometimes also for my good friend Norma. It has helped me greatly to learn how to walk in the Spirit and learn how to discern the difference between that and walking in the flesh.


Sara Barrington, West Sussex




I never realised with any certainty that God spoke to me. Through the teachings of 'Led by the Spirit' (LBS) I am now able to recognise when and how Father God speaks to me in pray time, but also through every day events and objects, dreams, other people, and when reading. I have learnt practical measures towards putting into action what the Apostle Paul talks about in so many of his letters: 'overcoming the flesh' and 'renewing the mind'. I don’t attempt these things alone, but pray about where I need to change and then (normally after a period of time coming to accept His guidance), I ask Jesus to help me and to change me. I'm amazed at how much I've learnt and changed, and at how much more changing there is for me to do. One aspect of LBS that I found particularly exhilarating was praying for one another and then being able to share with someone what was on the Fathers heart for them.


Kieron Doick, Petersfield




I met Charlynne when she came to speak at our ladies breakfast and immediately knew that she had something that I wanted. I heard about the "Led by the Spirit Prophetic Voices" course and knew that I had to do it.

The first course really stirred up the Spirit in me and I strongly felt this was for me. The first evening of the second course I felt so excited and I looked forward to our evenings together each week. It was a priority for me. The homework was challenging and time needed to be set aside to get it done but it brought great satisfaction. Everyone sharing their work helped us to get to know one another better and also learn from each other. The practical sessions were a great encouragment.

Coming together again for PITS was wonderful and I am looking forward eagerly to where God is going to take me as my "Prophetic Voice" is further developed and seasoned!


Hazel Wilkinson




I found the Led by the Spirit courses (Foundation and Advanced) very challenging.
Getting closer to Father through the study was invaluable.

Charlene makes it all very exciting and very rewarding.


Rosemary Cartlidge, Arun C. Church