Charlynne Boddie

Charlynne Boddie has spent several years of her life healing from a series of car accidents and two heart attacks. During that time she was forced to leave a life of financial security because of all the injuries she received and now lives entirely by faith in God's provision for her. The worst injury caused her to live like the 'woman with the issue of blood' as seen in Luke 8:43 for almost six years until she was miraculously healed through a word of knowledge given to her by another believer.


Miss Boddie was raised by a single Christian mother and is no stranger to adversity or living in the miraculous. The miracles seen and witnessed by her and her family in the years after her parents' divorce has created a strong faith in her that has taught her how to weather the storms of life and pass on that ability to others who find themselves facing hopeless situations.


Her favourite topics to teach on are vision, purpose and how to hear God's voice as a lifestyle. God has taken her broken life and anabled her to fulfil her dreams of being a magazine editor; President of Women in Film; a federal spokesperson; a White House lead media officer; having the opportunity to minister to Oprah Winfrey; having her own TV show in Hollywood; becoming an author/motivational speaker and becoming a minister that travels the world for Jesus. She is always encouraging others to consider what dreams lie within them that have yet to be fulfilled.


She accepted the full-time calling of prophetic teaching evangelist two years ago and has been travelling and ministering wherever the Holy Spirit leads for many years now. Charlynne is currently based in the UK and comes from Denver, Colorado where she is a member of Jubilee Fellowship Church and is pastored by John and Chris Leach. Her love affair with the United Kingdom began in the summer of 1988, when she led her first mission's team through England, after graduating from Oral Roberts University.


Charlynne's ministry crosses the barriers of colour, religion, nationality and socio-economic backgrounds. She is down to earth in her way of ministering to the lost, wounded, unaccepted and the misunderstood peoples of the world. Charlynne is single and looks forward to more adventures in Jesus that she is assured are waiting for her as long as she chooses to follow the still, small, first voice of her Lord and Saviour.