Seeking Humility and Meekness for Servanthood of Excellence



Meeting the needs of people prophetically carried with it great spiritual and personal satisfaction on one hand and on the other hand, great risk of ungodly self-centeredness and self-importance.  There is no one who is active in genuine prophetic ministry (or any other ministry) who will not struggle at some time with pride, feelings of superiority and indispensability.


There may come a time, because of the concise content and perfect timing of hearing the voice of the Lord and speaking into people’s lives, your reputation of perceptive accuracy and fluency will grow.  Heartfelt gratefulness and adulation will draw attention to your giftedness.  It is a wise servant who will expect the possibility that feelings of pride will surface.  This course teaches you how to focus on destroying pride by humbly choosing to stay in your spirit and out of fleshly temptations.